Letting Positivity into Your Life- ONE STEP AT A TIME

Often times as humans we get caught up in all of the negativity surrounding us. Your constantly thinking about all the bills that are pilling up, all the laundry you have to do, how you wish you had more support from the people you love, and so much more. Life can get overwhelming. And often times we forget to build ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down. Here are some steps that I have found helpful in letting positivity into my life.

1. Give yourself a break

We need to remind ourselves that our sanity is more important than that pile of laundry. That we are aloud to take a break and breath. We do not need to feel guilty that a task or two did not get done. We live in a world were we are constantly busy. There is always something on the to do list. It can often times take a toll on the way we view ourselves at the end of the day. By taking a break you have given yourself a brief moment away from all the craziness. A moment to reflect and gather your thoughts.

2. Speak words of affirmation (to yourself)

It is easy to look in the mirror and find flaws that we dislike. It is really easy to find flaws not just in our appearance, but within ourselves. I used to tell myself things like: “I really need to loose a few pounds“, or “I can’t do that“. Words that seem like no big deal in the moment, but make a large impact over time. It is important that we remind ourselves that we are beautiful. That we are capable of anything we set our minds to. So in those moments that you are frustrated, try thinking positive. Like: “I might not have achieved this goal today, but I can try again tomorrow” , or “These stretch marks came from growing my children. I should be proud to wear them”. Even though this is not an easy task for many, even starting small will impact how you feel over time.

3. Focus on YOU!

This step is the most important (in my opinion). It is easy to loose yourself in all the hustle and bustle that comes along with life. We often put all of our energy into our parenting, jobs, significant others, etc. We need to remember to put some energy into OURSELVES. Sitting back and thinking about what we want in OUR lives. Where we want to see our future selves, hobbies we want to start, and trips we want to take. By focusing on yourself you will be able to start seeing the future more clearly. You will also have things to look forward to and be excited about. I guarantee that by taking the “me” time, it will give you a more positive outlook on life.

New year, new you??

With the new year right around the corner it is the perfect time to take these steps and apply them into your everyday life. Will you take a moment and breath? Remind yourself of your worth? Or start to redirect some of your focus onto yourself? How will you incorporate these steps into you life in the new year?

Published by ec711

I am a proud mother, wife and survivor. I have fought my way through many trials in life. I am motivated to create the best possible life for myself and my family. I will keep fighting to the end.

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