Love isn’t Toxic

I’ve always envisioned what it was like to be in love. When I was younger I dreamed of being so entangled with a man that it would hurt to part. That our souls would become one. And that he would be my life.

I’ve been in those relationships in the past. The ones where you feel this “chemistry” that no one can touch. You couldn’t imagine being without that person. Even for a second.

Then those relationships took a downward spiral. I wasn’t looking at all of the red flags. I was only going by the feeling of lust that I had for those men. I ignored all of the warning signs that should have steered me away.

It’s dangerous to not know who you are outside of a relationship. It’s toxic when you cannot fathom life without a person that is clearly not good for you. It surely will not lead to a healthy relationship or marriage.

Love takes a lot more than just “chemistry”. It takes hard work, determination, and communication. Every relationship will have its rough patches. It’s about whether or not you can make it out stronger and together.

Published by ec711

I am a proud mother, wife and survivor. I have fought my way through many trials in life. I am motivated to create the best possible life for myself and my family. I will keep fighting to the end.

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