How to Break the Toxic Cycle You Grew Up In.

When you grow up in an unstable environment it can often times be difficult not to drag that into your adult life. Personally, I have struggled with dragging those toxic traits I learned while young into my current life. How do we get past this and train ourselves to live more positive lives?

  1. Remember that just because you may not have had the best childhood, you can still have a bright future. Bad habits can be unlearned with motivation and positivity. It is ultimately up you.
  2. When you are ready to take the first step, counseling is a great option. There is always this stereotype around seeking a counselor. That you must be crazy if you have to take that measure. That is simply untrue. It is a way to speak about how your feeling without the judgement. They are there to listen, and truly help you build a strong foundation to move forward with.
  3. PAY ATTENTION!!! Really look close at your day to day life. What are you doing on a daily basis that is harmful to yourself and others emotionally? It could be raising your voice, talking down to your partner, or even talking down to yourself. When you grow up watching these things we become accustom to it. Try to realize when you are doing these things so you can correct them in the future. It takes time to break a habit, so don’t expect life to improve overnight.
  4. Try to see the bright side of life. The may be plenty of darkness in this world, you may have experienced this darkness. But you do not have to be apart of the darkness. While nobody is perfect what really matters is that you try to improve everyday. That you take responsibility for the mistakes that you have made so that you can move forward making better decisions.

In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain the old pain.

Mary Manin Morrissey

Published by ec711

I am a proud mother, wife and survivor. I have fought my way through many trials in life. I am motivated to create the best possible life for myself and my family. I will keep fighting to the end.

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