Dear Body,

I am beginning to finally love you. But today has been rough. Lately the confidence has been pouring out of me. Sadly, today when I looked in the mirror, I despised you.

I looked at every bruise, crevice, and scar. I forgot for a moment what meaning every imperfection has. Every bruise is a testament to you keeping me safe. Every crevice has been gained from years of eating disorders, babies, and surgeries. Every scar is from all of the hardships we have made it through together.

Sometimes all I can see are the imperfections. But at the end of the day, I see beauty. Inside and out. Thank you Body. You’re are beautiful, you’re are strong, and you’re are worthy. ❤️

Published by ec711

I am a proud mother, wife and survivor. I have fought my way through many trials in life. I am motivated to create the best possible life for myself and my family. I will keep fighting to the end.

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